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Unplug Yourself, Just One Tip for Being Productive in 2015

(image courtesy of Rainer Stropek from Flickr)

Without a doubt returning to work after the festive season leaves everyone feeling a little hard done by; back to the daily grind of emails, deadlines and budgets is never fun. But it doesn’t have to mean going back to the exact same daily grind you left off in December. January is the best time to reset and refresh your work ethic and productivity mantra. Here are some easy tips you can employ to help make 2015 your most productive year to date.

Make the most of maximising the time of the day when you know you are most productive. If you know you’re not always at your best first thing in the morning, aim to set important meetings later in the day. Or perhaps you find that your creative juices are far more free flowing in the mornings when there are fewer interruptions, do your best to capitalise on this time and get cracking on important projects or brainstorm new ideas.

Be constructive with your emails. The barrage of emails in your inbox can be daunting, a good tip to combat not getting caught up in unnecessary email communication is to only open emails that you can ensure you have the time to respond to. Opening and reading an email that you know you’ll address later in the day is inefficient, you’ll only end up re-reading it again later in the day.

Unplug yourself from the internet. Removing the distractions of email, social media, the internet and mobile phones, even if only for an hour a day, can be totally invigorating. As a society we’ve become complacent with the constant distractions the internet provides us with and we happily go about our daily work routine being pulled in different directions. Our attention scattered between emails, websites and iPhones. Try unplugging yourself and giving your full attention to the job you have at hand, you’ll be surprised by just how quickly you’ll get it done.

Plan a day ahead. Whilst best practice is always to switch off from your work at night, taking a few minutes to visualise and pre-plan your next work day can help with productivity. Thinking about what you’ll wear, take for lunch, what you’ll need for meetings and order in which to tackle jobs means that you start each day with a plan, which in turn builds a routine and increases your efficiency and focus.

Finally, be cautious of unproductive colleagues. Maximising your time at work surrounded by productive people helps to keep you on track and focused on your workload. It also has the added advantage of ensuring you’re a part of a creative and stimulating work environment.

For the most part this will all seem common sense, but consider how many little tricks of the trade you could be employing on a daily basis to help maximise your potential. Take the challenge and aim to make 2015 the most productive and prosperous for your business.

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